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Shameful Plug:

Anyone have in there junk boxes a Com-Spec TS-64 laying around ?  Asking before i order.

Ryan n3ssl 


I don't know if your application requires specifically the TS-64, or if something else would suffice.  The Masters Communications CT-30 is not a direct replacement for the Com-Spec TS series, but it does do most of the same things, especially in a repeater application.  The major difference - it is NOT duplex, it will not encode and decode simultaneously.  It does, however, have a far superior audio high-pass filter that doesn't exhibit the same audio quality reduction experienced by the TS series products.  It's available in kit form to folks that like to build and save a few bucks.  It's also available professionally built (by me) and tested for an additional fee.

The CT-30 is available paired with a quality noise squelch.  This dual-purpose product is called the SC-50, and provides quality logic for noise squelch and CTCSS detection.  The SC-50 uses the Motorola "MICOR" squelch chip for noise detection. 

Detailed information on these and other products is available at Masters Communications.

Comments and questions welcomed.
Kevin W3KKC

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