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Into building repeaters?
Want to build your own repeater?

Repeater-Builder is a free
technical group (free to you - we pay for a premium group plan) available to people seeking information on building ham radio, GMRS, or commercial repeater systems.

If you are a Spammer you'll not be able to post because all new members are moderated - so save yourself (and us) the time.
Discussion of amateur or commercial repeaters, duplexers, antennas, feedlines, controllers, linking, etc is encouraged. Email attachments are permitted and you as a member should protect yourself from viruses, as no protection is afforded by the group.

DO NOT post requests for Motorola radio programming software (RSS or CPS). Motorola's Legal Dept. polices many radio groups and we do not want to acquire their focused attention. Go ask on the Motorola_Software_Users group.

Casual For-Sale posts are okay.  Please keep the FS subject matter on topic.

We do not profess to be the first group of this type, but we are certainly the largest. Many of our subscribers are well versed in all facets of radio and will provide quality answers to your questions. With over 5000 members subscribed, there is a very good information base to learn from.

This group is not for discussing FCC rules, proper operating practices, or brand loyalty (Motorola vs. GE) (HamVoIP vs. AllStar Link). It is here for providing quality technical information.

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All Rights Reserved.
Repeater Builder is a Registered Trademark in the United States.

Additional moderation is provided by Matt Krick, Martin Flynn,
Pierre Martel, Lloyd Mitchell, Phil Hebert, Jim Fortney, Brett Friermood, and Tom Gunderson. The owner and these moderators reserve the right to moderate any topic and remove and/or ban any person for any reason, even no reason at all.  If you've come here to cause trouble, you will be removed and banned.

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