why are these going for so much?

Michael K

Maxell 7" metal take up reels (2) sold for $203.50



Hi Michael

Good question, but I think you have to consider both those who had the money and just wanted to buy no regards as to wether similar are cheap and they want NOS and will never use them and also anyone with a bit of a collecter in them.

Also someone could be meaning to only collect take-up reels for real. Just the take-up reel. Recently I came upon this one by Sansui which I have not seen before. Sansui apparantly also made take-up reels.

Some people want to collect one of each reel, and NOS metal reels may be holy grail to them.
I bought two metal take-up reels in Japan not too long ago.
Technics RP-7M

I also bought a Technics RP-7HM last year with a big center hub. Also in box. I use mine so I don't buy NOS and never open. I was just lucky mine came with boxes.
It it there but very small on this page:
I scanned that for the guy who runs that site. I have the original japanese brochure. Yes, Panasonic made Technics test tapes too - I have at least one.

For my reel deck collection there is / were Aiwa, Akai, Bang & Olufsen, Grundig, Philips, Pioneer, Revox, Sony, Studer, Tascam, Teac, Technics decks and most with a branded take-up reel.
Obviously for Studer I use a Revox take-up reel, meanwhile for the Aiwa I trashed and the two Grundig TK5 i still have I never got a proper take-up reel.
For decks But I managed to get some take-up reels for decks I do not have. Panasonic (box only or reel only I can't remember, that auction sucked) Braun 22cm.
Adding to that there are accessories by companies like Maxell who never made decks but made takeup reels, and I have Maxell, TDK, Quantegy, Ampex, Scotch, BASF and AGFA off the top of my head.
The most iconic design to me which unique and pretty while still being perfectly functional is Technics. Also Sony design with the small holes in a circle is also very clean design. I have had reels that are not good in use as threading is difficult because of the deisgn. I think good and bad take-up design is worthy of its own thread - with pictures :)


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Emne: [reeltoreel] why are these going for so much?

Maxell 7" metal take up reels (2) sold for $203.50


Frederick Vobbe

An article I read about this said "boomers" are reliving their younger lives, and young kids today are getting into it because it's something different and new to them. I don't necessarily agree with the young kids theory, but people my age want to try it. There is also the same lure to buying records and record players.


Quoting Michael K <mkaplan22@...>:

Maxell 7" metal take up reels (2) sold for $203.50



Records became a 'thing' with Millennial's and Gen Z's thanks to the mass produced USB turntables and the fact they can pick up used records at yard sales for a few dollars. But like with most things convenience related, the fascination doesn't usually last long for the individual. But given they live their lives listening to music through earbuds, the media endures.

Hi-fi quality music reproduction is still mostly the realm of Boomers and Gen Xers. Certainly given the complexity of tape decks and the lack of techs to work on them, their popularity keeps waning, even with Boomers. Still, there are enough of us to support that cottage industry, for now. Astute people like Paul from PS Audio know this and produce high-end gear for the well heeled who will buy a quality TT but also might stream their music. So he has one leg firmly planted in analog and one in digital. He does very well and just released his first in-house speaker set for about $30,000.

Paul also has captured, with the help of his sons, a market share of Millennials and Gen Z's  that might be interested in hi-fi, but don't want to put up the farm to get it. He's also invested into his own recording studio using DSD. His love of analog has certainly affected the market. In his 'signature series', you can most likely find your nirvana for a price. And if you lean towards the digital side, his sons will help you there too. 

I'm not associated with PS Audio in any way....I just admire their marketing and product lines. Paul answers question about audio from folks who write to him on YouTube. I don't think any other company owner is doing that to the same extent. He's honest and soft-spoken and yet ever the showman. He has his detractors of course, but his ship sails on......


Michael K

I guess there are collectors for everything :)