Reel To Reel Tapes Released For Consumers

Robert A. Rouge`

Technical Note About 1/4" Tape:
Although they were called "Four Track", they were actually "Quarter Track Stereo"
There was "Side 1" and "Side 2".
"Side 1" was tracks 1 and 3.
"Side 2" was tracks 4 and 2.
The left channels 1 and 4 were closest to the edge of the tape

When "Quad Stereo" came out in the Seventies, there were true "Four Track" longitudinal tapes made.

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Tested, plays well, with sonics about what you'd expect at 3.75 ips. Box is fair, with split seams.

Michael K

The use of the terms "2 Track" and "4 Track" was an industry marketing strategy when 4-track (or 1/4 track) tapes were introduced in 1959. It was a way to distinguish between the two formats.  I think it was easier for consumers to imagine 4 separate tracks on a tape (i.e. 4-track) than to imagine what a 1/4 track meant.

It should be noted that, in fact, each track on a 2-track tape occupied about 1/3 of the tape width.