Re: tape prices

Don Morris

Not really, 40 years of warehousing cost would have more than eaten up any profit someone would make today, even with the much higher prices for NOS stock.  

The cost of temperature controlled warehousing is crazy and you can just put these in a barn somewhere.  I was the RMGI, PYRAL and RTM North American Distributor for 18 years and even for a small operation like ours, my warehousing cost was well over $1000 a month.  We stored about 2,000 reels on average and hoped to turn them over about every 45 days.  

On Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 4:57 PM Frederick Vobbe <fvobbe@...> wrote:
Had we known how popular Reel to Reel recording would be now, someone 
back in the 1980s could have warehoused reels and pancakes of tape and 
made a good amount of money.  Even those cheap $2 reels of Radio Shack 
tape are going for $16+ for new, unopened 7" in 1.5 or 1 mil.

Quoting Stein Seim <steiseim@...>:
> Hi :)
> Should have bought tapes then.
> At that time I was occupied buiding and servicing synthesizers.
> Have a good one
> Stein

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