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A group for RECAMFT members to share ideas, continuing education, referrals and other needs.

This is a restricted group -- entry to this group must be approved by the moderator(s).

In order to remain a member of this group you will need to keep current with your Redwood Empire CAMFT membership.

Please see LIstserv Guidelines for detailed guidance on using this group. Some highlights:

  • Do not promote your private practice, except for one-time events such as an address change, open house, etc.
  • Only reply to the whole group if you think the whole group would benefit from your post, otherwise reply directly to the sender -- this is a common courtesy to your fellow group members.
  • All posts must be relevant to our profession as mental health workers -- no virus warnings, jokes, petitions, political endorsements or other mass mailings.
  • When requesting a referral. please use the following format:
                Looking for a therapist –
                 ~ With the following scope of competence ________
                 ~ Experienced in working with _______ (age category: children, teens, elders, etc.)
                 ~ Located in _______ (town/city or county)

                And then, if relevant:

                 ~ Who takes the following insurance ________; or has a low fee/sliding scale slot available
                 ~ Is of the following _______ (therapist qualifiers requested by the potential client: sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, etc.)

Your moderators are Laura Strom, Gail Van Buuren, and Tara D'Orazio. Feel free to contact any of us or for assistance of if you have questions.

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