RI1PB, RI1PA - RDA NO-02, RW3FS/1 & UA1QV/P - NO-01


Dear friends!


04-11.04.2022 is scheduled to go on the air with fr. Vaigach, RI1PB - RR-06-01 IOTA EU-086

14-21.04.2022 is scheduled to go on the air with O. Kolguev RI1PA - RR-03-05 IOTA EU-085

The composition of the RW3FS, UA1QV team.

Vladimir RZ1OA can potentially join the second part of the expedition.

QSL via UA1QV.

Since the islands are separate territories for the P-150-C, two sets of non-directional antennas were taken for all (160...10 m) bands.

Accordingly, two sets of equipment (one with a 500W PA).

The start time depends on the weather conditions (helicopter).

Yes, taking into account the numerous requests of Ardashnikov, between April 11 and 14, it is planned to go on the air from the territory of Naryan-Mar (NO-01) with personal call signs.

RW3FS/1 and UA1QV/p respectively.

73! RA3R