RDAC 2021



I hope those of you who participated in the contest had a good time last Sunday!
Please go ahead and send your logs to http://ua9qcq.com/en/submit_log.php?lang=en&mf=0

We'll try to get data back from him into mydx as fast as possible, so you can enjoy your new RDA's worked during the contest.

'mydx' cluster had 519 connected users which was a new record for it. At peak time it sent out 9 megabits per second
which is not too far from my current upload limit of 20 megabits.
I'm adding some optimizations (start compressing outgoing data) to survive next years RDAC :)

I'm still open for new ideas how mydx could be more useful during next years contest.

73 and I'll let you know once we have imported data from UA9QCQ into mydx.


Hi Aadu.
It was my first RDAC, now to wait for the new RDAs to be reflected in both Mydx and Hamlog.
Thankful for the good work you are doing.
73 EA8AM