R2EA/m (mobile operation) and RU5D/p (portable operation) 30.04-03.05.2022


Good day!

Alex R2EA and Max RU5D will be active 30.03-03.05.2022 as R2EA/m (mobile operation) and RU5D/p (portable operation) from RDA:

30.04.2022 OR-23, OR-01, OR-23, OR-07, TL-16, TL-31, KG-23, KG-07, KG-01, KG-10, KG-07, KG-30, SM-25, SM-06, SM-17, SM-23,

TV-24, TV-42, TV-38, TV-38/TV-18, TV-18, TV-22, TV-23, TV-16, TV-16/TV-40, TV-16.

01-02.05.2022 possibly TV-52 (VERY RARE, THE CITY IS CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC).

If TV-52 fails, then a new route 01-03.05.2022: TV-39, 51, 44/32/39, 32, 48, 14, 34, 35, 33, NV-17, VO-26, etc)

Bands: 80-10 m

Modes: CW/SSB/FT4/FT8.

Ant: MFJ 16xx, Inv Vee, GP. ICOM-706, FT-450, 100 w.

73! RA3R