R0WA & UA0WG - Krasnoyarsky Kray (UA0A) 05-15.07.2022


Good day to all.

From 05.07.20022 R0WA and UA0WG are going to activate the districts of the Krasnoyarsky Kray.

The plans include KK-12, KK-16, KK-21, KK-30, KK-34, KK-39, KK-48, KK-53, KK-55, KK-56, KK-57, KK-58, KK-32, KK-23, KK-37, KK-50, KK-54.

But 10 days with the road are allowed for everything.

The total distance is about 1200 km.

Their callsigns are through / P.

All bands except 80 and 160. mostly CW, SSB if it turns out FT8, but alternatively.

73! RA3R