Best RDA hunter of 2022



New season of RDA hunting is in full swing now!
As said before - this year we have separate categories for Russian and foreign hunters.

In foreign category we see some well known callsigns from the air - 9A5CW, IZ0AEZ, F5BZB, YT5M and others.

Looks like the big guns from previous year are taking it easy in 2022, leaving others better chance :)
Use the opportunity to become "Best RDA hunter of the year" and get a plaque to your shack wall to remember this achievement!

PS - plaques for 2021 winners (plus SP9RXP) will be produced/shipped soon.

Aadu ES1TU



Iztok Saje


When looking in, Regions, we can see 1233 RDAs already confirmed in 2022.
RDA 2022 chasers are warming up, they are well below what is possible so far.

There ware some activations, but over 1000 RDAs are home QTH stations.

On 2021: 2505 RDAs were confirmed for QSOs in 2021. Several of us managed to make RDA 2000 in one year.
On my side: 2021 was my real RDA year, this year I am working on 9 band RDA (hopefully 11 band RDA soon),
so my 216 RDAs confirmed in 2022 is just side effect.

73 gl,
Iztok, s52d