Mike Eccles

Roman, thank you for maintaining the integrity of the RDA program. Disqualification of call signs found to be cheating, and removal from the database are powerful but necessary steps.  All genuine, honest participants of the RDA program  will support your actions. I certainly do.

73, Mike GM3PPE


Good day!

According to the RDA program, in view of the fact that the RDA Autocfm mydx.eu and Hamlog have automatic integration, and part of the "fake achievements" got into the Autocfm mydx.eu , we support the disqualification of the above listed callsigns from the RDA program.

The R0KQM UB6WAB UA6WAB logs have been removed from the database.

The callsign R4CHN has been removed from the RDA Autocfm account forever.

Callsigns UA3FQ R4CDD UA0IEW RZ3ZZ RA6CF RX6CQ UA6BTR - removed from the RDA Autocfm for a year.

I also inform all participants of the RDA program that we monitor the "purity" of the fulfillment of the conditions of the RDA diploma program on a daily basis, contact the operators of the qsl scans provided by you, request information on the uploaded logs. Any attempts to circumvent the Rules and gain an undeserved advantage over other participants of the Program will be stopped and punished in the form of disqualification.

73! RA3R


RDA manager