RK3AW & R4FD next RDA trip


Good day!
Oleg RK3AW and Alexey R4FD will be active 29.04-04.05.2022 from RDA:
MD-04/MD-17, MD-14/MD-16, MD-22/MD-05, PE-17/PE-26, PE-20/PE-33, SA-48/SA-53, SA-20/SA-24, SA-49/SA-33, VG-20/VG-38, SA-50/SA-37/SA-52, SA-05/SA-04/SA-02, SA-01/SA-06/SA-03, SA-38/SA-56, SA-35/SA-51/SA-54, SA-44/SA-40, SA-19/SA-40, SA-50/SA-27/SA-39, SA-22/SA-25, PE-28/PE-19/PE-22, PE-02/PE-04.

The estimated length of the route is 1900 km. 20 county ine. 43 RDA.

Bands 10-40 m, also 80 m.

So, approximately, the start of work is around 0300-0330 UTC.

Online map, log and chat are screwed on TNXQSO.com . https://tnxqso.com/rk3aw-m#/map

73! RA3R