FT4 mode problem on HAMLOG.ONLINE


Thierry  F4GVO wrote;
For info, just checked and all my HQSL which where under review have been flagged as INVALID SCAN.......
So Jim, G3ZQQ was wrong and as I expected at the beginning, this way is not accepted..... I can NOT understand what is the difference with LOTW "qsls" which have not and never had RDA included as Aadu wrote a few hours ago.........
Maybe LoTW shows the gridsquare for RDA  and HQSL not? 
73, Rudy – PD5SS


Hi folks,

First of all, I do apologize for my following request, I know that this is NOT an HAMLOG.ONLINE  forum but as it is impossible, at least for me, to reach people behind hamlog.online and as many of us, use this online logbook, maybe one of us had the same problem and found a solution.

For a long time ago, I noticed that I have a bunch of QSOs made in FT4 mode who are not HQSL confirmed by the system.
As there are all FT4 QSOs, I notice that all QSO with MFSK (FT4) mode have NO problem but the one with only FT4 have. But it is more complicated, as looking on my HQSL received, I noticed that I have FT4 and MFSK (FT4) QSO confirmed and other FT4 not !
Of course the QSO are uploaded and date, band, time etc.. are a match but not for the system. I don't know where is the problem is and what I can do, if I can do something on my side... maybe the problem is on the worked station and how is logbook deal with FT4 QSO mode ?....

Well any suggestion are really welcome !
Thanks in advance,

73 de Thierry, F4GVO