running pileup

Iztok Saje


There are two reasons why I do RDA: good OPs running nice pileups, and SW support.

Recently we had some RDA activators who got lost with pileup, people get nervous and QSO rate was very low.
Increased RDA popularity means more callers: and sometimes we "fight" to be among  those 100 QSOs from rare district.

Maybe quick guide:
- do split. Also in SSB.
- use RIT: make every QSO on different RX QRG.
Yes, we have some excellent contest OPs who can run CW pileup in simplex.

“The pileup is a reflection of the operator on the DX side.” – said Dmitri, RA9USU

Very good text about running pileups is "It Takes Two to Tango" by OH2BH, downloadble at

It would be nice if activators can read it. This forum is wrong place, but maybe Roman and Aadu can do more something to reach
new activators?

Smooth pileup will make both activator and chasers more happy.

73 gl, CU
Iztok, S52D