20 years of the first RDA expedition RA9FDR is dedicated.


Dear friends!
Team RA9FDR (SSB,FT8), R9FCZ (CW), UB4WBZ (SSB), and driver RY9FAE will be active 29-31.07.2022 from RDA:
(start 14 Zulu)
PM-03, PM-14, PM-33, PM-38, PM-22, UD-13, UD-06, UD-13, UD-17, UD-24, UD-17, UD-26, UD-09, UD-26, UD-19,  BA-60/UD-19/UD-26/UD-34 (portable 5 hours, 2 tranciver), BA-60, BA-19, BA-60, BA-08/BA-60/TA-23 (night, 2 tranciver), BA-08, BA-60, BA-19, BA-60, UD-19, UD-26, UD-09, UD-26, UD-17, UD-24, UD-17, UD-02/UD-04 (15 min only),  UD-01/UD-03/UD-04 (15 min only), UD-01/UD-04/UD-05 (15 min only), UD-05, UD-17, UD-13, UD-06, UD-13, PM-22, PM-38, PM-33, PM-14.
Finish 16 Z  31.07.22

Bands: 160-10 m

73! RA3R