Re: RDA-2500 HR #155 - YT1T

Zivota Tomic

Dear Roman, RA3R!
Thank you for your good wishes for winning the RDA plaque.
Best regards!
YT1T, you 73 !!

нед, 5. јун 2022. у 21:45 Zivota Tomic via <> је написао/ла:

TNX David!!

YT1T, Vy 73 !!

нед, 5. јун 2022. у 21:39 David Quental <ct1drb72@...> је написао/ла:
Best congratulations to him.

Best 73.

David Quental

No dia 05/06/2022, às 19:51, ra3r <rdaward@...> escreveu:

Good day!

We congratulate Zik YT1T on performance of conditions of RDA-2500HR and receiving a plaquette of RDA-2500 #155 at the number of the confirmed RDA areas - 2520.

73! RA3R


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