Re: HELP with qso R2DKW - RDA MO-21


Hi Jorge,
Ask R2DKW to upload his log / your QSO again.
73 Rudy  PD5SS

TNX Rudy:


I was a little bit “stupid”. I’m asking for MO-21 and written down the email, I change to “MA”



In summary, I need MO-21, the card and the locator qsl shows are coherent in hamlog mo-21, but

I don’t get the confirmation of MO-21 in


Any idea?




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Enviado el: viernes, 25 de febrero de 2022 23:02
Asunto: Re: [rdaworld] HELP with qso R2DKW - RDA MA-21


The card shows MO-21, is this causing the problem?


73, Rudy  PD5SS

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