DL7JAN gets my RDA points

Christian Proehl <dl6jan@...>

Hello all,

I have used the mydx.eu-Feature "claim" in the hope that the wrong call in a QSO with KI-07 will be corrected, but without success:

QSO-Data:  1.Aug.21, 03:58, 7 MHz, cw, KI-07, UA4NF/p

The time (03:58) is matching with my log 100% but the QSO was denied.

I have also asked DL7JAN if he was QRV at this time and he says NO !!

Here is the email:


translation: no, not at this time, this is yours :-) But I'm also active concerning RDA-hunting.

73's Christian, DL6JAN

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