Re: Always Time errors

daniel lavocat

No Rudy all are in UTC HamLog use my adif  and all QSOs are in UTC but I’ll see this …

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Le 20 janv. 2022 à 19:23, rudy <k5@...> a écrit :

UTC used when uploading to LoTW and local time when uploading to HamLog???
73, Rudy PD5SS

I don't understand why I have all these time errors
For example :

UB9UZA , I have confirmation via LOTW but HamLog tells me that the QTR does not match

But if I check on HamLog almost all my QSOs are in error and all related to a QTR problem

I don't understand why I have all these errors, if you have any idea ???
Thanks & 73

-- 73 from Daniel --

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