LOTW rda districts confirmation form HAMLOG?

Jorge Manuel

Dear colleagues:
(I'm EA2DDE from Spain)
Just after a few days observing the operation of the daily HAMLOG migration of RDA confirming districts to MYDX.eu, I have seen that the districts that are passing confirmed by lotw from HAMLOG are not confirmed in MYDX.eu.
Is this correct?
Just in case, How can I get the RDA districts that I have confirmed in LOTW also confirmed in MYDX.EU?
I am a bit confused, in some places it appears that they are achieved by making "screenshots" of those qsos in lotw, and in other places it seems that it is no longer necessary, that with the LOTW confirmation of HAMLOG it is enough.
Thank's in advance
JORGE-EA2DDE, on the way to the 1000 rda districts :-)

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