Re: How to confirm districts with HQSL without RDA written



This is my position, if it is possible to specify the RDA number on HQSL, then it must be specified correctly and correctly. As soon as we get the LoTW team to specify the RDA number, LoTW scans will also be accepted exclusively with the correct RDA number.

73! RA3R


29.11.2021 23:39, F4GVO via пишет:

For info, just checked and all my HQSL which where under review have been flagged as INVALID SCAN.......
Jim, G3ZQQ was wrong and as I expected at the beginning, this way is not accepted..... I can NOT understand what is the difference with LOTW "qsls" which have not and never had RDA included as Aadu wrote a few hours ago......... anyway........  back to square one....

Thierry, F4GVO

Le 29/11/2021 à 10:51, F4GVO via a écrit :

Hi Iztok,

Yes it was my understanding that HQSL card without RDA information are not accepted, which for my point of view, shouldn't be if the QSO range is compatible with the RDA information found on, because it is the same thing when you confirm RDA using LOTW "qsl card", RDA is (still) not displayed so what is the difference between the two system. Both are enough robust to avoid cheating !

Right now, I have 6 HQSL in review, I hope it will be ok.

73 de Thierry, F4GVO

Le 29/11/2021 à 09:49, Iztok Saje a écrit :
Have you tried?

I got it rejected: cfmrda database is accepted only with LotW.
So, for HAMLOG only records with  RDA defined are accepted.

But it was some time ago...

73 gl, DSW
Iztok, S52D

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