Re: How to confirm districts with HQSL without RDA written


Many thanks Ken, I will try this way, hoping it will work.

Nevertheless, I don't understand why it is not possible to upload screenshot, as we may do with LOTW confirmation , our HQSL card to ?
Like every award, all is about good faith and we "fixed station", I can't see where it maybe a problem to validate these QSL..
Maybe, Aadu may give us his lights about that subject

73 de Thierry, F4GVO

Le 29/11/2021 à 06:58, Kenneth Johansson a écrit :

Hi Thierry!

The same thing has happened to me several times. I use to send an e-mail and politely ask if the operator would be so kind and upload a new QSL to with the RDA on the card. It usually helps. Good Luck!




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Ämne: [rdaworld] How to confirm districts with HQSL without RDA written


Hi Aadu, hi folks

Checking my HQSL confirmation, I found several Russians QSOs confirmed but WITHOUT any RDA information on the HQSL.
I then checked on and of course I found the missing information.

ALL this HQSL are new RDA for me

It is my understanding that all Russians stations are living necessarily in, at least, one district, like for us, French stations, we necessarily live in a French department but also in a "canton" (administrative district)...

That said,  how can I validated these QSO to increase my numbers ?

Thanks in advance,

73 de Thierry

P.S. thanks Aadu for having review and confirmed my miswritten callsign on some logs a few days ago.



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