Re: log error r9yu

Andy - DL1DXX

Good day Aadu

please look at the picture. You see a QSL for AL-30 but not for AL-52. According to his log,
he activated both on 14th November at the same time.

Hope this helps. Vy 73, Andy - DL1DXX

Am 25.11.2021 um 12:45 schrieb aadu.adok:

Can somebody please give me more context regarding R9YU logs.
Which RDA-s are incorrect?


On Thu, Nov 25, 2021 at 12:05 PM HA3LN <list@...> wrote:
...had the same with AL-17 AL-25.
Chatted Andy and he said it's fixed and will upload it soon to mydx.

Csaba  HA3LN

On 2021-11-22 21:35, Andy - DL1DXX wrote:
Hi all

yes, should be AL-30 + AL-52 as the picture shows from the log. Also
only AL-30 confirmed and not AL-52.
73, Andy - DL1DXX

Am 22.11.2021 um 20:48 schrieb rubens1960 via
dear adu  , r9yu update log al -30 two times.. rda is al-30 and al-52
pse confirm this error. 73 rubens iu1hjf

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