Re: How I can merge many callsigns


I have combined statistics for your callsigns. The main call sign is SV2AEL.
73! RA3R
RDA manager

23.11.2021 4:20, Savas Pavlidis пишет:

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Hi admin,
I use as main callsign SV2AEL
Also during 2021 used SX200AEL as a special event station
Also as Contest call, I used J42A and SW2A as Single Operator for many years
How I can merge all these calls (SX200AEL-J42A-SW2A) to my main RDA account SV2AEL?

Those contacts are from (SX200AEL-J42A-SW2A) callsigns.
Do you count these contacts in my main call as SV2AEL?

Thank you
73 Savas

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