Re: Supporting our best mobile activators

Andy - DL1DXX

Aadu, the pleasure is really on my side....

Received also a nice "Thank you card" from R7AB/p. Wow - that was a nice surprise!
And great fun to work him with lots of new RDAs as I started just on 1st May this year.
73, Andy  - DL1DXX

73, Andy

Am 11.11.2021 um 09:12 schrieb aadu.adok:

Thank you Andy for your support into RDA ecosystem!


On Thu, Nov 11, 2021, 9:44 AM Andy - DL1DXX <DL1DXX@...> wrote:
Great idea, Aadu - done!

2nd donation as he is my top activator. Without his activations I would have never
reached the 2000 mark this year.
And yes, also contribute to othes as they are doing also very well!

73, Andy - DL1DXX

Am 11.11.2021 um 08:22 schrieb aadu.adok:
Everybody - meet Anatoly, UB8S.

He's one of the main candidates to win this years "Best RDA activator of 2021".
He has activated 259 different RDA's this year (100+ different hunters from each), has driven 60'000+ kilometers and spent 5000+ euros on gas and car maintenance.
He has a problem - Oleg, RK3AW.

They both want to get the title and neither is willing to give up :-)

Anatoly is very thankful to the EU hunters who have helped him to cover approx 20% of the gasoline cost with their donations.
We thank those two heroes for putting so much energy and time into this!
We also hope that our hunter base will keep donating, helping them to share at least some of the driving cost.
Thank you!

For those who want to support Anatoly's driving - feel free to help out

73 and happy upcoming Christmas season!


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