hamlog import - wrong RDA entries or missing RDA entries - and other things

Christian Proehl

Hi Aadu and all,

A view weeks ago we have discussed RDA import from hamlog.ru to mydx.eu.

Concerning the correction of wrong RDA entries my last information was:

"We are hardworking on this issue and in near future there will be a new correct version for this confirmation."

I don't know, if this software improvement is already finished now or still under developement?  anyway ... making software is a difficult job !

My problem at the moment is that I have a few QSOs @Hamlog which are not imported by mydx.eu. They all are showing up as confirmed (green) in the hamlog "HQSL" menu.

In some cases I have asked the OPs to add their RDA to hamlog. Some have done this, all looks correct, but no success, no import to "mydx". Possibly they have to delete it and make a new entry of the QSO to obtain a result.

I think all we need is an evidence for valid QSO data and a credible source which RDA was worked at that time. When I send a screen shot of LotW's "QSO-Details" and a screen shot of "CFMRDA call database" with the fitting RDA, all works well ... I get the QSO confirmed. But when I sent a screen shot of "HQSL hamlog" + "CFMRDA database" I get "Invalid Scan". I see no difference between both methods  ... 

Example: R7MH --> see appendix (no entry in County/Loc)


Another problem ...

On the page mydx.eu --> "Stations Online" I often see new RDAs scrolling by, which seem to be not correct.

RT5T is displayed as NN-15, but mostly he is in NN-33.
RM8W is often displayed as BA-05, but "RDAsearch" says:

BA-05        RM8W 2019-10-17    
BA-42        QRZ.ru 2021-07-02
I got it confirmed as BA-42 but I need BA-05 !!!! what is correct ??


Champs of the Year 2021:
I find it not a good idea to encourage OMs to make dupes in order to get points for this "kind of contest".

The chance for newcomers obtaining a new RDA is decreased this way. I'm now on place Nr. 98 in the "Champs of the year list" without making dupes intentionally.

Have a nice weekend and good hunting.

Christian, DL6JAN

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