Re: Wrongly logged calls - kitchen side explained

Hi Aadu, 

olso thank you very much for your work! 
Pavel Slavíček
E-mail : ok1vk@...

Dne 30.09.2021 v 14:22 aadu.adok napsal(a):

Thank you Giuseppe!

So, I started by approving 5 claims from OK1VK. Your approved claims will be visible in 'Latest updates' section with approval date.
Everything looks to work fine, so - go and find your unconfirmed RDA's where Russian station logged your call incorrect and click 'claim' :)


On Thu, Sep 30, 2021 at 3:00 PM Giuseppe Giunta <it9vdq@...> wrote:
Ciao Aadu, 
thank you very much for your work!  
73 de Giù, IT9VDQ

Il gio 30 set 2021, 13:14 aadu.adok <aadu.adok@...> ha scritto:
Hello RDA people,

I finished first version of "claim processing tool" that we will use in mydx "kitchen side".
I thought it will be good to show you where do your clicks on "claim" will land.

All columns are quite self-explanatory. Number after a call shows how many RDA's that call has confirmed (no number means < 10).
This helps us to judge whether you want to "take away" qso from a station with many RDA's - that would be suspicious.
Pink background means that given RDA would be a ATNO for claimer.

Looking at the list of claims that we have received so far, I'd say that some 'approve'-s will be very easy, some 'deny'-s will be easy too.

Then there are difficult cases where it would be impossible to judge on our side, lets take for example:

NN-36 where S59SV wants to take qso that is logged as SM5ELV. We will probably 'deny' this kind of claim because its not
very obvious that R2DXU logged call so wrong.

I'm giving our tool some final coding and then we'll start processing your claim list. I help giving some visibility on this is good for everybody.

Aadu ES1TU


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