Re: R7PKS/P IN-02


Hello RDA people,

So - lets try out semi-automated solution to "what to do when my call is wrongly logged in mydx?!"

Here's a short tutorial video

Few moments:

* you can claim QSO to yourself if at least 4 symbols of logged callsign is contained in your own call (in any order)
* after clicking 'claim' this qso goes into status 'in review'

It means that somebody on mydx is periodically checking those claims and decide whether to grant this qso to you or not.
If granted, the qso is yours. If denied, you'll see 'denied' in this list.

I'm currently working on a solution that allows us to check your claims, so please give us 2-3 to process your claims.
Once we have obtained the routine - I'm sure we'll be able to process all claims in 24 hours.

Aadu ES1TU

On Sat, Sep 25, 2021 at 10:57 AM Christian Proehl <dl6jan@...> wrote:

The same again with Sultan ... R7PKS

He logged me as DL6FAN and maybe again as DL6JN .... ??

24 Sept. 2021, 09:30, ssb


73's Chris, DL6JAN

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