Re: UA9SOL/P OB-27,OB-51


Please write down your correction requests on a piece of paper in order not to loose them. I'm currently working on a solution where you can request call correction right on mydx site, next to wrongly received call.

I hope to be ready in a week. Will post here once done.


On Sat, Sep 25, 2021, 10:42 AM Christian Proehl <dl6jan@...> wrote:


UA9SOL/p has oploaded his logs for OB-27, OB-51. I have tried out the russian spelling but was misunderstood. Unfortunately he logged me as DL6GAN instead of DL6JAN (DL6GAN is not existing). Could you please be so kind and correct it, Aadu ??

I'm not sure if the spelling of my call was correct, "Dmitri / Leonid / Schest / Juri / Anna / Nikolai" ??

23. Sept 2021



Thanks in advance, Chris, DL6JAN Links:

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