learning Russian

Iztok Saje


For people in Germanic language region English (American?) is simmilar and simple.
Not so elsewhere. especially older people never had it in school.
They might pick few words, HAMs can make SSB QSO with rare DXpedition,
but they do not feel confident in running pileup.

The one calling CQ set the rules. Take it or leave it. There will be another OP making RDA-DXpedition.

Thus, many DXers learned how to make simple QSO in Spanish, Italian (VHF/UHF contests from here) etc.
If P5 station pops up speaking only Koran, I would learn it. Spelling + numbers + 59 + 73 TU only.
I already searched WWW and failed to find how to make QSO in Chinese. Any hint?

Good site to learn new language:
(No, S5 is not yet there, but people are pushing)

My favourite mthod:
(tried it years ago, satisfied).

73 dsw, удачи
Iztok, S52D

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