Re: R7PKS/P IN-08 IN-09

Lars Henneberg

I dont want to work amateurs who don't speak English, or perhaps they have to learn Danish for talking with me.

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Sendt: 22. september 2021 20:33
Emne: Re: [rdaworld] R7PKS/P IN-08 IN-09

Who said they want to? Or must to!
You want work him ... so learn how to work him.

73 Dino

On 22.09.2021. 20:14, Lars Henneberg wrote:
When Russian stations will have a contact to other stations they can talk english and use the international spelling.
73 de Lars

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Sendt: 22. september 2021 19:45
Emne: Re: [rdaworld] R7PKS/P IN-08 IN-09

C'mon guys.
Why anyone sholud learn internationll spelling???
That is CW but not PHONE.

73 Dino, 9A2NO

On 22.09.2021. 19:30, Lars Henneberg wrote:
To me, it seems like the Russians are crackingly indifferent to whether others understand them. They have enough in themselves.
99% of radio amateurs worldwide can make themselves understood in English.
Vy 73 de OZ1HPS - Lars

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Sendt: 22. september 2021 19:16
Emne: Re: [rdaworld] R7PKS/P IN-08 IN-09

Sorry.... Aadu not Aduu... hi

73 Dino, 9A2NO

On 22.09.21. 19:07, Dino wrote:
Well Dany, Aduu..

I think that anyone, deeply involved in RDA award program should
learn basic Russian spelling.
Sultan is not the only one. Many Russian stations work using only
Russian spelling.
What about RDA contest, RDX contest.
You don't have to speak Russian but we should learn basic spelling.

That is my opinion and I do so. Aduu thanks for you efforst to
understand the problem

Best regards, NHL
Dino, 9A2NO

On 22.09.21. 12:47, aadu.adok wrote:
Hello RDA hunters!

It seems to be a fact of life that activators sometimes log wrong

I'm thinking about making our lives a bit easier in that regard.
There's a activator/RDA page for every region, for example R7PKS in

Sultan (one again) got Danny's callsign wrong (OK4VT instead of ON4VT).
So I'm thinking of the solution where mydx would show 'claim' link
when there's a fair overlap with your own callsign, say 50% matches.

It would look something like:

[image: claim.PNG]

Hunter would click on 'claim' and someone on mydx side would
periodically check the 'claimed qsos' and decides whether to
approve the claim or not.
This way you guys wouldnt need to send "pls fix my qso" email every
time :)



On Tue, Sep 21, 2021 at 8:39 PM Danny Van Tricht ON4VT

Sultan did it again ! From IN-08 and IN-09 today he logged me as
OK4VT. Can you please correct for both references?

It's hard to log him as he barely speaks English. Always have to
call him in Russian, but my Russian is very poor !

Thanks in advance

Danny ON4VT

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