Re: RDA Number - rda conversion

Evgeny Glukhov

I wrote in last letter about conversion in DB on HAMLOG.ONLINE for old data.

We are preparing for this case.

On Mon, 30 Aug 2021 at 03:12, Christian Proehl <dl6jan@...> wrote:


A new special case appeared ...

I have a QSO with

UA9JKA (now RJ9J, ex-calls: UA9JKA,RV9JE),  20 OCT 2002    06:00    20m    cw   HM-03

Conversion fails because he has set his RDA number to HM-03-03
I wanted to write him but did not found his e-mail address. What can we do ??

73, Christian, DL6JAN


Am 25.08.21 um 15:27 schrieb Evgeny Glukhov:
This week we plan to update the upload page on hamlog.

For rda data request will be restricted. Also we plan to fix old data with wrong rda in the near future. For example, MA01 will be converted to MA-01 and will be eligible for award.

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Best wishes, Evgeny Glukhov
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