Re: RDA contest expedition


That's right, they will be located on the border, but it is the law to transmit only one RDA number in competitions. But after the competition, the logs will be uploaded to the RDA Autocount for 2 or 3 districts, depending on which border they stood on. There is only one district in the RDAC.
I will write for R5VCJ, apparently he did not understand the Regulations on competitions.
73! RA3R

19.08.2021 17:43, HA3LN пишет:


Just seen the the announcement from R5VCJ.
He plans to activate several areas:

DXLog (and assume others too) allows only 1 RDA into the received exchange filed.

How this will be handled?
If R5VCJ has several double/triple border.
How is it possible to log him?

This will be the first RDA contest after I started to collect the award. This was not an issue before. :-)

Csaba  HA3LN

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