Re: Merging calls

Morten Kvernmoen

Thank you Roman J


Yes, I have got interest for RDA recently. I enjoy if very much! Lots of excellent operations from different districts and nice pileups!

Will have a lot of fun forward chasing RDA’s J

Thanks for your effort in this!


73 de Morten Kvernmoen



From: [] On Behalf Of ra3r
Sent: fredag 6. august 2021 11:04
Subject: Re: [rdaworld] Merging calls


Dear Morten!

I have combined the statistics for your call signs. The main call sign is LB8DC. I perfectly remember your former call sign LA9DFA and your expeditions. I hope you will also find your interest in RDA.

73! RA3R


RDA Manager




06.08.2021 11:55, Morten Kvernmoen пишет:



Is it allowed to merge all my personal calls from Norway?

Today I am LB8DC, but I have also worked as LA9DFA and LI9DFA


73 de Morten Kvernmoen



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