Re: How about e-QSL?

Tord Julander



Thanks for clarifying.  Your standpoint is accepted.

Myself I have never been into e-QSL before, until recently while getting more seriously chasing RDA’s


73’s de Tord – SM3EVR


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Skickat: den 5 augusti 2021 19:21
Ämne: Re: [rdaworld] How about e-QSL?



I stopped accepting eQSL for one reason, I am not satisfied with the QSO offset algorithm, when you can easily confirm the RDA without even conducting a QSO, but send your log to the correspondent.

No one checks the QSO, but presses the cfm button!

73! RA3R






05.08.2021 19:12, Tord Julander пишет:

Yes Christian, I’m aware of that message regarding e-QSL’s for RDA.


Now since a while e-QSL service offer users a special labeling of Authorization Guaranteed on their QSL’s.

That is after going through a special routine by sending copy of your license etc.


I would like to know Romans standpoint about those QSL’s

In my case with card yesterday it had clearly a printed RDA and also that “AG” label.


73 de Tord – SM3EVR


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Skickat: den 5 augusti 2021 13:45
Ämne: Re: [rdaworld] How about e-QSL?


Hi Tord,


on the very last text line you will find:

---> eQSLs are not accepted for credit, scans are rejected.

73's DL6JAN


Am 05.08.21 um 13:12 schrieb Tord Julander:

Hi Roman,


Not even accepting e-QSL’s with the ”AG” (Authorization Guaranteed) label?

Is that going to happen in the future?

Sent one yesterday and got in rejected.


73’s  Tord – SM3EVR


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