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Dear Chris!
Yes, if the second column is empty, it means that this call sign was in one RDA all the time, different options and different dates are indicated in the second column, just for LoTW, you can not upload a scan if several RDA are specified in the RDA database for one date. The station changed its position and LoTW does not give an accurate RDA, such scans are rejected.
And the third column is the source of information, you are right.
73! RA3R

04.08.2021 17:13, Christian Proehl пишет:

This is the tutorial page I was looking for !! Thank you !!.

Regarding the RDA callsign data base @
there are 3 columns, first column is evidently the RDA-Nr., the 2nd column sometimes is empty or a date (time range) is filled in.  
You wrote ... the RDA number and date must exactly match. Does this mean when the second column is empty (because it is for example a fixed station, no need for a date) thus only the RDA code must match ?
And what means the 3rd column ? Data source and entry time ?

Chris, DL6JAN

Am 03.08.21 um 20:54 schrieb ra3r:
We have described this procedure in detail here:
73! RA3R

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