Re: lotw-import

Iztok Saje

On LotW and RDA:

IMHO there might be a problem with DXCC/UL/RDA checking. Especially with disputed EU/AS border, where ARRL/CQ
and Russians disagree. So, some UA9 stations are not able to put proper UL into theit QTH data in TQSL.

If database UL/RDA is created (probably it exists, or it might be reasonable to generate from R1CF maps), it might help
TQSL/LotW developers to include RDA as well.
As a side effect: often reports UL as RDA in "Station online" list. Just now, RA2FCD is reported as KO-04, but this is locator KO04.
Such dB might help to filter out wrong spots.

Also... ARRL likes money. They do not like export as screenshot: they prefer to charge few cents for every export,
like they do for DXCC, WPX and other awards.

My two kopeykas.
73 DSW
Iztok, S52D

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