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I am active on HF bands since September 2012.
My logbook tell me that I have 1850 QSO with Russian Stations (counting Asiatic Russia [DXCC code 15] + European Russia [DXCC code 54) + Kaliningrad [DXCC code 126])
"Only" 676 QSOs has been so far confirmed by LOTW.

Thierry, F4GVO

Le 03/08/2021 à 21:21, aadu.adok a écrit :


Any educated guess how many russian stations are even using lotw?

I was under impression that not too many.


On Tue, Aug 3, 2021, 10:04 PM Evgeny Glukhov <voljsky@...> wrote:
Hi, folks.

Hamlog now use lotw sync for some awards (New England County Awards, R150c and Russia). 
It seems to be useful to get some lotw data for the RDA award also.

We can use grid info for district definition, for example.


On Tue, 3 Aug 2021 at 14:54, ra3r <rdaward@...> wrote:
We have described this procedure in detail here:
73! RA3R

03.08.2021 21:50, rudy i3vwk пишет:
ciao Thierry,
tnx, but i do not understand what kind of screenshot you mean,
may be i do not use correctly lotw.
can you give a exemple ?

Il giorno mar 3 ago 2021 alle ore 20:30 ra3r <rdaward@...> ha scritto:
You are absolutely right.
73! RA3R

03.08.2021 21:11, F4GVO via пишет:

Hello Rudy,

For LOTW accreditations (without Hamlog) you must take screenshots of your LOTW QSLs (available on your LOTW account) and import these pictures on mydxeu page using the QSL scan method.
If the Russian station you worked is not using Hamlog, it is the only way (I think) to validate a new RDA if the station didn't send his log to and also not to hamlog.

Hope it will help.

73 de Thierry, F4GVO

Le 03/08/2021 à 19:49, rudy i3vwk a écrit :
i have a question, how can i do for accreditation of  qso confirmed via lotw ??
i have imported qsl lotw to hamlog but no resutl at the moment.
tnx 73
Rudy  I3VWK

Best wishes, Evgeny Glukhov
e-mail: voljsky@...

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