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rudy i3vwk

Christian, on cfmrda cabinet you have a cluster filtered by  mode, band ,confirmed, combination,   but i prefer mydx page.

Il giorno mer 28 lug 2021 alle ore 09:58 Christian Proehl <dl6jan@...> ha scritto:

Hello all,

this is a useful filtering facility !! Many thanks. But sometimes I wish I could filter per band. No need to add a button for every band, 2 or 3 bands with the same button would be sufficient, e.g, 20m and 160m together ...

Chris, DL6JAN

Am 26.07.21 um 11:01 schrieb aadu.adok:

RU: Peresdelal filtratsiju spotov. Obratnaja (poloziteln6i i negativn6i) svjazh - privetstvuju

EN: mydx heard the ask from community and changed spot filtering logic.

Now you can create combinations like:
* only cw and only atno's
* cw + ssb + atno
* all modes + atno_2021
* etc etc..

'ATNO 2021' is meant to help those who participate in 'Best hunter of 2021' to track those RDA's which you havent worked this year.

All feedback highly appreciated.


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