Re: RDA BA-xx

daniel lavocat

OK Roman I contact Eugene

ra3r a écrit le 24/07/2021 à 08:55 :

Clublog is a third-party resource for RDA, and why this happened, you need to contact Eugene R4AS.
According to the division, UA9W is located in Asian Russia.
The official division of Russia into Asian and European parts can be seen here:
73! RA3R
RDA manager

24.07.2021 9:48, daniel lavocat пишет:
no answer ?

daniel lavocat a écrit le 23/07/2021 à 11:28 :

I have a problem with Clublog about my QSOs with R7AB/M on 07/21/2021 on RDA BA-74 ; BA-79 : BA-41 : BA-43 and BA-73

for me BA (Bashkortostan) is in zone WAZ = 16 but is in "Asiatic Russia" (
while clublog means that BA RDA is in "European Russia"

Can you confirm to me if I have to validate the RDA: BA-xx as "Asiatic Russia" or as "European Russia"?

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