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The RDA entered by your correspondent is enough.
When uploading a log to Hamlog, the RDA input field is mandatory, not some radio amateurs distort their RDA number, for example, instead of TB-02, they write TB02, or TB 02,
such HQSL are not counted automatically, and are rejected during manual loading.
The presence of the RDA number in your log is not necessary.
73! RA3R
RDA manager

24.07.2021 9:47, daniel lavocat пишет:

thank you for all these explanations, I have another question on the same subject.

For example I do a QSO with a Russian station and I did not enter its RDA in my log, I send this QSO on Hamlog(via ADIF File), my correspondent does the same but therefore with his RDA, will this RDA be taken into account or not ?

That is to say for an RDA to be taken into account must the 2 correspondents have both indicated in their respective log this RDA or does it work if only the Russian correspondent has indicated his RDA?

Thank you & 73

aadu.adok a écrit le 23/07/2021 à 10:09 :
Hello Chris,

Currently mydx (official RDA site) gets data from these sources:

1) ADIF logs uploaded by russian stations (no activity needed from hunters)
2) QSL scans uploaded by hunters
3) automatic import hamlog -> mydx (happens every night)

Regarding '3'. QSO has to be in hamlog system by both stations. When it finds a matching pair, only then it gives it out to mydx.

Last Hamlog output is visible at  (replace callsign to see your personal data)
There you can see last import date/time into mydx, along with original lines from hamlog, intact.

I cant see there you KE-10 qso, so its a question to hamlog (R4AS, emigrated to US recently).

LOTW: RA3R had a discussion with LOTW people few months ago, unfortunately they disagreed to accept Russian RDA's as secondary administrative entities in their system.
Politics? Laziness? I dont know. We dont give up and try to push it forward.

EQSL: RA3R has a policy not to accept data from EQSL (afaik because of data quality issues). (aka 9band RDA spinoff): official RDA (mydx) does not currently import anything from there (for mostly competitive reasons)

Hope this helps to explain the current situation.


On Fri, Jul 23, 2021 at 10:43 AM Christian Proehl <dl6jan@...> wrote:
I just started hunting RDA, but first of all many thanks for this excellent wep page !!
What I'm still missing (or did not found ?) is a "HELP page" or a "FAQ". 
I wonder how the synchronization between the RDA systems and the online Logbooks really work ??

On your page "Send scans from PC" you write:  "Do not send Hamlog screenshots, they are imported automatically every night."
Thus, I have uploaded all russian logs to Also ...  I have started at Hamlog a synchronization with LotW from time to time after which the relevant confirmed QSO were marked with an "L"-Symbol. After the next Hamlog import by "" some QSOs appear correct but others do not show up in the "latest import list".

Example-QSO:   RU9UC  14.Oct.20  10:22utc  17m  FT8  ---> cfmd in LotW and but not imported

The same QSO is confirmed at the other RDA system as follows:


What am I doing wrong ??

And another question: Is there a synchronization between  "" and "e-QSL" ? Or even between "" and "" ?

73 de Chris, DL6JAN

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