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daniel lavocat

thank you for all these explanations, I have another question on the same subject.

For example I do a QSO with a Russian station and I did not enter its RDA in my log, I send this QSO on Hamlog(via ADIF File), my correspondent does the same but therefore with his RDA, will this RDA be taken into account or not ?

That is to say for an RDA to be taken into account must the 2 correspondents have both indicated in their respective log this RDA or does it work if only the Russian correspondent has indicated his RDA?

Thank you & 73

aadu.adok a écrit le 23/07/2021 à 10:09 :

Hello Chris,

Currently mydx (official RDA site) gets data from these sources:

1) ADIF logs uploaded by russian stations (no activity needed from hunters)
2) QSL scans uploaded by hunters
3) automatic import hamlog -> mydx (happens every night)

Regarding '3'. QSO has to be in hamlog system by both stations. When it finds a matching pair, only then it gives it out to mydx.

Last Hamlog output is visible at  (replace callsign to see your personal data)
There you can see last import date/time into mydx, along with original lines from hamlog, intact.

I cant see there you KE-10 qso, so its a question to hamlog (R4AS, emigrated to US recently).

LOTW: RA3R had a discussion with LOTW people few months ago, unfortunately they disagreed to accept Russian RDA's as secondary administrative entities in their system.
Politics? Laziness? I dont know. We dont give up and try to push it forward.

EQSL: RA3R has a policy not to accept data from EQSL (afaik because of data quality issues). (aka 9band RDA spinoff): official RDA (mydx) does not currently import anything from there (for mostly competitive reasons)

Hope this helps to explain the current situation.


On Fri, Jul 23, 2021 at 10:43 AM Christian Proehl <dl6jan@...> wrote:
I just started hunting RDA, but first of all many thanks for this excellent wep page !!
What I'm still missing (or did not found ?) is a "HELP page" or a "FAQ". 
I wonder how the synchronization between the RDA systems and the online Logbooks really work ??

On your page "Send scans from PC" you write:  "Do not send Hamlog screenshots, they are imported automatically every night."
Thus, I have uploaded all russian logs to Also ...  I have started at Hamlog a synchronization with LotW from time to time after which the relevant confirmed QSO were marked with an "L"-Symbol. After the next Hamlog import by "" some QSOs appear correct but others do not show up in the "latest import list".

Example-QSO:   RU9UC  14.Oct.20  10:22utc  17m  FT8  ---> cfmd in LotW and but not imported

The same QSO is confirmed at the other RDA system as follows:


What am I doing wrong ??

And another question: Is there a synchronization between  "" and "e-QSL" ? Or even between "" and "" ?

73 de Chris, DL6JAN

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