UA9CDC and UA9CTT trip 6-7.Feb.2021


Dear friends!

February 6-7 UA9CDC and UA9CTT are going to activate SV-55/23, SV-61/69, SV-47/64, SV-22/53
The 40.30, 20 and 17 m bands, mode are mainly CW, perhaps a little SSB.

Callsigns UA9CDC/p and UA9CTT/p

Most of the time will work simultaneously on different bands.

The plan is:

February 6

from 5 to 7 GMT - SV-55/23 then moving to
SV-61/69 border the contest of EURASIA HF Championship will begin At this time therefore we work in a contest and as control number we give the current QTH MO17QA locator. If time allows, then we will go even before SV-69/70 and work a little from there. You will notice this if we transmit MO27CC. Night in the SV-47.

February 7

from about 4 to 6-7 GMT we work from the border of SV-47/64, then we move to SV-22/53 and then - home.
Call and do spots in the cluster, but at the same time, please listen and do not transmit if they do not answer you.

73, Igor UA9CDC

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