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Hey Andy,

Thank you for your feedback. I dont have very good idea what combinations would make sense. I'm personally using cw_ssb (I dont do digi). It produces fair amount of spots and I try to work everything that shows up red (not worked). Those human-entered spots on the right are also very helpful.

What do you other guys think on this filtering topic?


On Thu, Jul 8, 2021, 9:36 PM Andy - DL1DXX <DL1DXX@...> wrote:
Good evening Aadu

many thank for your efforts in editing the webpage - great service!

Just a short question.
Is it possible, to select more then one option in the mode?
For example, I can only select CW, SSB - showing my confirmed and not confirmed RDAs.
Would be great if I can also select "NOT_CFMD" so that I can see only the not confirmed RDAs in CW, SSB  (or Digi).

                       old                                                                                   new?

Kind regards, Andy  - DL1DXX

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