Re: Save as excel button?


Hello Andy,

I had exactly same problem - hard to tell which new RDA's I have confirmed.
So, I decided to remove 'Save excel' button and replace it with a list of 6 most recently added records.

This list will be effective only for new data, starting to arrive today (sorry, couldnt made it for old, existing data).

Lets wait a week and see how it works out, then we'll decide whether we put the button back or not. Okay?


On Fri, Jul 2, 2021 at 9:43 AM Andy - DL1DXX <DL1DXX@...> wrote:
Hi all

I'm missing the button "save as excel" on when entering my call.

         old                                                                        new

So I do not have the possibilty to check which RDAs are confirmed and new to me and mark it in my log.
Got 3 new once tonight but I don't know which....

Any chance to bring the button back?

Thank you! And many thanks for that great program!

Kind regards es vy 73, Andy - DL1DXX

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