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Hi Aadu,

What if the arrow is blue but with an asterisk (*)? Attached example.

Last time I checked it was 200 with blue arrow.

Thanks a lot.

Csaba HA3LN

On 2021-05-26 14:51, aadu.adok wrote:
Hello Rudy, others!
Indeed, this is a new feature that shows "position change" during last 2
Right now its only change during last 2 days (just started collecting this
data), but soon it will be "position change during last 2 weeks".
Blue arrow up and number means that this station position improved compared
to what it was 2 weeks ago.
From the sample picture: UB9USV position improved by 8 places
Red (actually pink) arrow down and number means that position got worse
during last 2 weeks.
From the sample picture: UR5LP position dropped by 1 place.
If there is no red/blue - it means the station is exactly on same position
where it was 2 weeks ago.
On station 'home page' its the position among ALL hunters (including those
who applied for award and those who didnt)
[image: home.PNG]
On 'Award owners' tab there is a similar thing, but (as name suggests) -
only those stations who have applied for award are participating.
Here: SM4IED position improved by 2 places, JA8MS dropped by one place.
[image: award_owners.PNG]
On Wed, May 26, 2021 at 3:38 PM rudy i3vwk <rudygub@...> wrote:

i see new number near confirmed on home page mydx, some red some blue.
which meaning ??


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