Re: Hamlog nightly operation


We still have a problem with synchronization, I downloaded all the R9YU logs yesterday directly, without Hamlog.
73! RA3R

03.08.2022 10:26, F4GVO via пишет:

Hi Aadu,

I notice this morning that AL-51, AL-17 and AL-25 are now confirmed on I do thank you very much for that.
Anyway, some others are still missing, hope it will be fixed soon. Thanks for your dedication to bring a working system and an easier way, for us hunters, to get these precious RDA confirmed.

73 de Thierry, F4GVO

Le 02/08/2022 à 09:42, aadu.adok a écrit :
hello, I'm aware of this, thank you for bringing it up. Hopefully I'll have it fixed within next few days. 73, ES1TU

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