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I was in during the 50’s on the Tribal Cayuga one of the “Grey Ghost of Both Coasts” best ships ever built!  JMHO

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Well me son, I was in the RCN in the !(&)’s and *0’s and the Navy was even as near as good as the US/UK/Australia?NewZealand/ even the Portugese Navy. And they we older ships we almost lost the entire fleet when HMCS Ottawa boilers went along with the rest of the steamer infact we had more men they operational ships you might want to re think your statement mate.

Rick Mills RCN ret.


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From: Doug Potter
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We had a damn good Navy in the 60’s and 70’s,  

The US was jealous of out DDE and DDH.  And rightly so.

Our ships were well manned and professionally crewed, and our gunnery was excellent.

At least on the Gatineau……

The Provider and Preserver were new.

We were sleek fast and deadly on the sea.  Underneath perhaps not so in the early days of nuclear subs. But they were stealthy in their own rights and put to the test they would have done their jobs.

The ships out lived their defensive values, and replacing them with missile laden ships would be most desirable. Instead of 22mm gun, on the bow…. A useless piece of shit if ever there was.


I loved our Navy back then, 

Our surface ships did well, accept the Bonnie

Which had a great pain job, but the guts were rusted out…and should have been replaced on each coast, but gutless penny pinching government. At the time, wouldn’t spend the bucks needed.

Like the Avro, and the Bra’ Dor. our armed forces were always doomed. 


Too afraid to compete with the USA and UK<  we stab ourselves in the back. Instead of being independent.


And where are the keels being laid for the Type 26, all 18 of them,  Where are they.  

While we build constabulary , boats with no weapons on board to protect our borders and our seas and coast lines…. Where are they…

Or will they be cut if a government changes….again.



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Come on folks, you talk like a 3”50 or 3”70 were world beating weapons when most navies were armed with missiles. St Laurents, Restigouches and Mackenzies were obsolete when their keels were laid but we all thought they did the job and were proud to serve.


When you can have a presence in Europe, Africa, Central America and work honourably with allies while showing the flag, the MCDVs have, and continue to,  IMHO serve a purpose.



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On Sep 22, 2022, at 08:45, Paul <sexymariner7@...> wrote:

I have been saying that ever since I joined the RCN in 1974 and yet nothing has changed.

Rick Mills


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From: Doug Potter
Sent: September 22, 2022 12:32 PM
Subject: Re: [rcnhistory] HMCS Kingston


The dumb asses in DND, cost cutters, not interested in building a ship that can properly defend itself, nor defend out waters and our country… These beautiful but useless ships would be fare target for any amateur. And spit balls for Russia and China. Or any other adversary…..

It is useless to have a ship in the Canadian Navy that can not defend itself or supply military support and would be dependent on our dieing frigates and useless submarines for help. Not to mention our antiquated air defence.


                CANADA MISSED THE BOAT…. 





On Sep 22, 2022, at 7:29 AM, Gerry via <fctlmn@...> wrote:


I'm not sure that the Harry Dewolf class with its massive 25mm gun would fare much better against an angry Dartmouth ferry. Modelled on the Norwegian NoCGV Svalbard, they obviously missed the 57mm she has.  






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