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Welcome to the Raleigh Amateur Radio Society group - RARS. Anyone interested in RARS is welcome to join in - you don't have to be a RARS member or even have a ham license. It's a good place to introduce yourself and ask those "there aren't any" dumb questions about amateur radio. Membership in this group is moderated to avoid spam, but posts are not moderated.

RARS is a general interest radio club with about 400 members. We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, with an informal dinner on the 1st Tuesday. Everyone is welcome. 
Founded in 1969, RARS has grown to become the largest Amateur Radio Club in North Carolina.  In 1999, RARS was incorporated with 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax status. RARS reflects a wide variety of interests: ARES and Public Service, HF operation, DX, home-brew, vintage equipment, CW, all modes of VHF/UHF, satellites, packet and computers, ATV, new-Ham training, VE testing, contests, awards, special events, FM and repeaters, Field Day operation, club meetings, shortwave listening/scanning, hamfesting and the Exciter newsletter are all part of RARS member's activities.   More details about the Raleigh Amateur Radio Society can be found on the RARS website.

                         Join us for the nightly 8 PM net on the 146.64 repeater, 7/365.

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